SAF Collection Bins


Return your used SAF Personal Equipment at your convenience. Simply drop and go – no administrative requirement needed.

SAF Collection Bins @ SAFRA Clubs

SAFRA ClubsAccessibilityLocation
SAFRA JurongAccessible 24/7Level 1 Car Park (Next to Service Lift)
SAFRA Mount FaberAccessible 24/7Level 1 (Beside Car Park Entrance)
SAFRA PunggolAccessible 24/7Level 2 Car Park (Beside the Single Lift Lobby PL01)
SAFRA TampinesSun - Thu, 6am - 1am
Fri & Sat, 6am - 3am
Level 1 Car Parl (Near Lift Lobby)
SAFRA Toa PayohAccessible 24/7Basement Car Park (Walkway between Lift Lobby A and Lift Lobby B)
SAFRA YishunAccessible 24/7Loading Bay